How to quickly run any program as an administrator in Windows

Last updated on September 25th, 2021 at 04:52 pm

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If you need to run a program as an elevated administrator on your Windows computer, then there is a very quick and simple way to do this.

Whilst you are on your Windows desktop, go ahead and press the Windows key and R key on your keyboard. This will bring up the Windows Run command box:

Windows 10 Run Box
Windows 10 Run Box

You can now go ahead and type in the program that you want to run as an administrator. For the purposes of this guide, we will use the Windows Command program. A quick shortcut to the Windows Command program is to type cmd:

Windows 10 Run Box with CMD
Windows 10 Run Box with CMD

Now instead of pressing the OK button, on your keyboard press the CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER keys. This will trigger the elevation of the cmd program. You can tell the program is elevated as it will show Administrator at the start of the program name on the top active bar:

Windows 10 Elevated Command Prompt
Windows 10 Elevated Command Prompt

You now have your program available to you with elevated administrator privileges.


Why would I need to run a program as an administrator

With some installation processes or advanced Windows commands, you will need to raise your privilege level to full administrator, which not all basic Windows user accounts have.


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